Free vs Paid Antivirus Software

Your looking to get antivirus protection but you don’t really want to pay for it because your doubting it would actually be any better than the free antivirus software? Well here are some fun facts: according to Center for Strategic and international Studies, hacking is costing the global economy at least 350 billion a year. It’s important to Consider that this can happen to you and the mentality of this will never happen to me is outrageous.

What can happen to you without paid antivirus.

  • You will be at risk to new and emerging zero-day attacks like: Malware, Adware, Spyware, Botnets, Keyloggers, and viruses. Because of the database not being updated with the latest definitions or lack of capability.
  • With free Antivirus you will have less protection. They would exclude Firewall protection, basic scanning, basic monitoring and detection which would keep you at a higher risk for malicious attacks like ransomware.
  • Free Antivirus provides less privacy and in many cases the software comes with something called “Legal Adware” that it can push to you. The software also doesn’t come with the capability to secure browsers or do file shredding and encrypt files. 

So what do you think is best?

In my opinion paid antivirus software is always better. But also free antivirus is still better than not having anything at all installed on your computer. If your a business and have to meet compliance standards you should definitely go with paid Antivirus protection. If you or your family really cares about what happens to your computer if you get hacked or hit with ransomware I would suggest also going with paid antivirus for the best protection. 

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