Hacker Group TA505 Ramping Up Their Trickery

Hacker Group TA505 are cyber criminals through and through, they are the bunch that brought you the Locky Ransomware.  TA505 have decided to go after more US companies so get ready for more phishing attacks. 

These phishing attacks will be tailored specifically to their targets so watch out for tricky emails containing attachments like word docs, excel and pdf’s.

  1. Don’t open an attachment unless you know who it is from & are expecting it.
  2. Be cautious about email messages that instruct you to enable macros before downloading Word or Excel attachments. 
  3. Read More Email Security Tips


These attachments will have RAT payloads which will contain a macro that will deployed the AMMYY Remote Software To the computer without the end user knowing which then it will allow them to remotely access your computer and they will install Cryptocurrency miners. These miners are less noticeable to the user because it uses a percentage of system resources to mine cryptocurrency and the end user goes by their day thinking the computer just got a little slower.   

Make sure to Read More Email Security Tips and keep your antivirus up to date. If you have any questions about keeping yourself secure feel free to contact me.



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