Growing Botnet Uses 5 Year Old Router Flaw

A brand new botnet which is a variant of the BCMUPnP_Hunter is taking advantage of this 5 year router flaw and 360 Netlab research shows that hundreds and thousands of of bots have already seeded themselves into routers.  This same bot takes advantage of the same vulnerability that was discovered in 2013 (  BroadCom UPnp Vulnerability ).

Once the targeted router has been taken over the hacker can make Proxy changes to the next work profit from scripting simulation clicks and using mail servers like Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail just to take a few to send massive amounts of spam from your network.

Affected Router Brands Are:

  • D-Link,
  • Linksys,
  • Technicolor router,
  • Netgear
  • Asus
  • Trendnet
  • Belkin
  • TP-Link,
  • ZTE,
  • Zyxel,
  • NetComm,
  • ISP CenturyLink Routers

You may want to look up your router model and see if you are affected. Contact me on Linkedin, Twitter or through email if you need assistance on deciding what would be the best route to take.

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