October 2018 Windows 10 Update

What to review before the update

By now you may have heard that in the October 2018 update there were a few issues with the latest update to windows 10. Some users files were being deleted after the update. MS has postponed the update for a couple of days and they may have found a fix for it. But lets be honest you never know what can happen with these updates.

Let's be safe and remember to always check how much available space you have in your windows C: partition drive. make sure that you have 30GB of available storage on your C: partition. This is to make sure you have the necessary space for the upgrade so everything processes nicely.

To check the current available storage space, click on the File Explorer >This PC and you should see your current available storage.


  • First I would check and see what you can clean up using Disk Cleanup, which is an app already installed on the computer. On the bottom left find Cortana and type in Disk Cleanup. You would be surprised to how many GB's storage you can cleanup.
  • Second you can use a thumb drive or any other external storage method to move those pictures , videos , music and documents. This would free up the space you need and you will have the data safe and sound in another media just in case something goes crazy happens with your computer during the update. That being said, always have backups.


What your getting in the update.

More Color Personalization

Send Texts Via PC and View Phone Photos

More Features

There are many more neat features like having the MS experience on your phone, paste from cloud clipboards and more.

Details can be found on the MS Website


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