CompTIA Healthcare IT Study Tips

I’ve decided to take my CompTIA healthcare IT certification exam which was passed in August 29th 2014. Studying for this exam was quite awesome and very informative and thought it would of been great to share some tips.

Truthfully I had to study a while for to pass this exam and before this exam I took 2 other exams that are healthcare related HIPAA Security  Expert & HIPAA Privacy Associate just to make sure I had the foundation and knowledge of HIPAA’s function within the healthcare field, you can find more details about this cert at

CompTIA Healthcare IT by Person Purchase Book

CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician HIT-001 Book by Person

The book was quite informative and had software with practice exams.

    • eBook
    • three full practice exams
    • exam-realistic practice questions
    • feedback based on performance
    • links to detailed tutorials from each question



CBT Nuggests Training Videos

The book would of been enough for some people but since I do get board of holding a book I had to look into using training videos and after searching for the best fit for myself I felt that CBT Nuggests offered what I was looking for, it gave great insight to Healthcare IT Organizational Behavior and Operations. (View Training Videos)

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